Irish Fest 2011

 This Year Irish Fest decided to hear the differance between Trad. Irish  and Newfoundland Music 

  With a Kickoff concert on Friday night which turned out a very good crowd and a good level of great music . Then a music filled Saturday ( with 5 members of the Dardenelles and our own musicians ) teaching Fiddle, Drum, Accordion , Guitar, Whistle,  Flute and Song. And then the Saturday evening concert was held at the West End Cultural Center. The house was full and every one enjoyed their music very much.  

Newfoundland is known for traditional music, sure. In every tourism pamphlet, in every film setting, in every piece of literature, there’s a few lads in the corner quietly churning out a few tunes. What we forget is how these traditions can grow and how new audiences need to hear them, protect them and enjoy them to ensure they live on.

Armed with a love of jigs, reels and ballads honored in Newfoundland and an energy found more often in 3 piece punk rock bands than 5 piece folk acts, their accordions, fiddle and talent have shaken National festivals including Winnipeg, Mariposa, Lunenburg and this year Vancouver and St. John’s are about to bear witness.

Barely into their twenties they have intuitively become the keepers of the songs we love and have sought out tunes that may have otherwise been lost to the culture forever. A new breed of folk musician with a wide sense of the world and a firm belief that Newfoundlanders can hold their own with the best players the world has to offer.

The Dardanelles will change the way you think about folk music and you’ll be glad of it.

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Friday Night Kickoff Concert and Session

On Saturday  Music Work Shops were held and both the Dardanelles and local players taught  many instruments  . Here are a few pictures of the day !!

 Saturday Work Shops

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