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(for those who may be new to Irish music sessions)

 Canadian manners prevail at a Canadian Irish Session. Canadians are inclusive by nature

  • Sessions are musical and social get-togethers – an opportunity to get to know other musicians and to learn and share tunes and songs and stories
  • Different sessions are geared to different levels and speeds of playing (slower or beginning level, intermediate, or advanced)
  • If you are unsure of your playing level, ask one of the many Irish music instructors and if they are not available ask one of the session leaders but please understand that intermediate is a very wide range
  • Some sessions stick closely to traditional Irish music and others are more wide-ranging
  • Some sessions are open to anyone to participate, and some are by invitation
  • Take your cues from the session leaders – there are usually one or more experienced leaders at a session
  • When someone starts a tune they set the tempo and everyone else plays at the same speed
  • People often play sets of two or more tunes in a row repeating each tune several times
  • The person who starts a tune usually takes the lead when changing tunes but others can jump in if the leader runs out of ideas
  • Tempo and rhythm are important – most Irish instrumental music is dance music
  • Listen closely to the other players and try not to speed up or slow down
  • You can learn tunes at sessions by listening and playing quietly in the background
  • Singing is often unaccompanied and may be in a free rhythm – make sure the singer wants accompaniment before joining in
  • Accompanying Irish music on guitar, keyboards, bouzouki, bodhran etc. use different chords and techniques from other music – wait until you are comfortable with these techniques before jumping in. If you are not sure please ask.
  • Make sure you are not in conflict with other accompaniment that may be happening
  • If you have a problem at a session, please take it to the session host who will deal with it after the session or as they deem necessary


The  Learners Bi Weekly “Slow Sessions”

The session is for Comhaltas members, however if you are not a member yet and would like to come along and ‘try before you buy’ your membership 

The Slow Session group

Purpose:                   A place to learn to play a limited number of Irish traditional tunes with a group

Level:                          Slow (but trying to get faster)

Where & When:     Various locations, 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays, 7 to 9 PM

Session Host:           Daniel Nielson

Participation:           Everyone with basic instrumental skills is encouraged to become a member

Information:     or


Hosted by the Irish Association of Manitoba 


Level:  Slow to intermediate

 Do you like Irish traditional music? Do you wish there was some-where you could play regularly? Miss the sessions that used to be everywhere in town? The Irish Club of Winnipeg is pleased to announce that Thursday Night Sessions are starting up at the Irish Association of Manitoba, at 654 Erin Street. The doors will open (along with the bar) at 7:30pm. This is an open acoustic session leaning towards Irish traditional music, but anyone is welcome. There is no cover. Also open to all ages. We plan to keep this open and loose and have people come and play by the fireplace for the joy of the music itself. 

If you don’t play, come and listen. If you want a break from the music, there is a back room away from the hurly-burly of modern life, where a quiet word can be had and a pint.  For more information, please contact Bridgette at or better yet, turn up on Thursday and check it out. We’d really like for this to be a regular session so let’s get together and play! 


Comhaltas  Session, Hosted by Susan & Paul Hammer

 Second Friday of each month

At The Irish Association of Manitoba 654 Erin Street Winnipeg MB Session

Traditional Irish Tunes! , Traditional Irish Songs!!, Traditional Irish Craic!!!

FREE ADMISSION – ALL WELCOME  Pub food will be available to purchase

7:30pm to 8:30pm SLOW SESSION  /  8:30pm til late TRAD IRISH SESSION

Lots of reels, jigs etc ‘up to speed


The Shannon’s Pub session every Saturday

Level: Advanced

The sessions go from 4:30pm to 7:30pm, intermediate players lead by one or more of our advanced players.. come out to play or just sit back and enjoy the music

 Location  175 Carlton St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1P5 ,

  website :   0r phone  (204) 943-2302

For a short Video  Click Here 


“Come one, Come all”

to our new location for the  Monthly Board Meeting


  “Irish Music Session”

We will be having a  session at the Fort Whyte Center  usually the first or second Sunday of the Month

Level:  Intermediate

Our first of the fall season will be on September 9th, the second on September 30th. {Non in October due to Irish fest and Thanksgiving}. Meetings are in the room behind the restaurant  in the newer building. Please tell reception that you are attending the Comhaltas meeting and/or session to be let in without charge. Sessions will be outdoors between the two buildings with the weather permitting or inside the restaurant otherwise.

 ~ Meetings are open to all Comhaltas members ~

The meeting time will be at 1:00pm

“The Session” starting at or about 2:00pm until 4:00pm

All are welcome to come to join in or just to listen to the music


 The second monthly session for Musicians

and friends of  IRISH MUSIC 

Level: Slow to intermediate

 Sam’s Place is a restaurant and book store and usually on the Last Friday of every month a place to play and enjoy jigs and reels and is open to all skill levels

  Sam’s Place, is at 159 Henderson Highway

The session  starts at 7:00 pm and ends when the coffee and sticky buns run out…

usually 10 or 10:30pm

 It’s comfortable, intimate, and fun! So by all means, drop by, all are welcome to join in or sit and listen to the music :

January 2020


For a short Video 

 September 2010


                                      May your right hand

                                                     always be stretched 

                                                                   out in friendship

                                                                                And never in want.

                                                                                           – Unknown –


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