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  •   Chair                                      Susan Hammer 
  •   Vice Chair:                            Valerie Kitcher        
  •   Publicity Officer:                  Tracy Robertson    
  •   Treasurer:                             Randy Mavins
  •   Membership Secretary:       Paul Hammer
  •   Irish Officer:                         Maureen Taggart
  •  Youth Officer:                        Ethan Redekop
  •  Auditors:             Gord Menzies & B Renton Goodwyn
    Web Masters:    Eric & Jan Borley


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Contact us at:
                         E-Mail     Comhaltas Winnipeg


Life is like a cup of tea.
It’s all in how you make it.
~ Irish Insight ~

3 Responses to Executive & Contact Us

  1. Eric says:

    Welcome to Winnipeg, Yes there are places to play, along the top of the page click the “Music” tab then scroll down the Drop Down Box to “Session Locations”. Click on that and the descriptions are there of when and where they are held. They are all open sessions and will welcome new players of all levels. Hope to see you at one .
    Eric B

  2. Steve McEvoy says:

    I’ll be in Winnipeg from 5/18 through 5/25 I’m an advanced Irish fiddle player and looking for sessions. Wondering if the Sunday session at Shannons is still in existence? Thanks!

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