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Irish Music in Winnipeg

Irish Fest   – The Winnipeg Irish Fest website concert Info

Irish Association of Manitoba

Winnipeg Folk Fest   – World renowned folk festival

Paul and Susan Hammer   – Local music teachers/performers

Kyle Borley   –   Whistle, flute, bodhran, player

Flatland Ceili Band and slow session tunes :  Click to follow Link

Traditional Music Resources

The Session   –   Huge online database of trad tunes

O’Neill’s Music of Ireland” is a classic collection of Celtic sheet music. There are 1850 tunes in the collection. These treble clef tunes are posted in .PDF  format (Acrobat Reader). They are suitable for all treble clef solo instruments like violin, flute, trumpet, mandolin, etc. Chords are posted for most of the tunes as well. These are “session” tunes meant to be played for dancing and group enjoyment.   Free sheet Music  

Kyle Borley has started a Youtube channel where he picks a tune from “The Dance Music of Ireland O Neil’s 1001,” by Francis O’Neill and plays them on various instruments. It is a long term project to get them all on video, but to hear them you can keep coming back or subscribe to:  Video of O’Neill’s tunes

JC’s ABC Tune Finder   –   Searchable tune database

Chiff and Fipple   –   The online whistle resource

Mudcat   –   Huge database of traditional songs

Irish Flute Tunes – This site contains recordings

 made as a source of tunes for people who play the flute, or other instruments for that matter



Burke Whistles

Eckermann Drums

Metloef Drums

Seamus O’Kane Bodhrans

Brendan White Bodhrans

Hamilton Flutes

McGee Flutes

Mulvaney’s Handcrafted Instruments is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Larry Fisher Harps


Céilí House Radio

The Late Session

Live Ireland Radio

Irish Television

Canada’s Irish Festival on the Miramichi in Miramichi, N.B

Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick


This was passed to us to help keep the memories of the man and the music alive and remembered. Please read and follow the link to learn the music.

Thomas J. Walsh

April 2, 1928 ~ April 10, 2008

It is with a sad pen that I write about the passing of our dear friend, leader, and teacher Thomas J. Walsh,  passed away at home April 10, 2008 at the age of 80.

Tom was born April 2, 1928 in New Britain, CT. He played Irish Traditional music since the age of 10. The son of Irish immigrants, Tom became an icon to many up and coming musicians. He taught many musicians tunes that had become less popular over the years. After the passing of his friend Eddie Burke, he teamed up with fellow musicians to compose the Eddie Burke Tune book to keep those tunes at the forefront of many seisiúns. This free book can be found on the Burke-Curry-Seery Branch website  Click Here  for download..

Thank You


Irish Music TV Shows

Some great archived Irish Traditional Music TV Shows – each is 30 minutes long…..Banjo ( with our Brian Morrissey)….concertina…..& more

Look for the menus on the left of the screen. Click “Cláir Eile – Cartlann” and go to any of the programs called Ceird an Cheoil


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